Costa Rica

Aquiares PB

106,00 kr
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This is washed peaberry lot from the same farm as centroamericano H1 variety you already know.
It's very clean, easy drinking and comforting coffee.
What's interesting about this lot is - it's not very common to see peaberry lots from Costa Rica as it's illegal to mix it with the other varietals and export due to the small screen size.
Most of the small farms don't produce enough yield to sell separate peaberry from their harvest for the export so they have to sell it on the local market for low price.

Luckily Finca Aquiares produces enough coffee to be able to export this microlot.
Peaberry coffee is named for its pea-like appearance. Most coffee cherries contain two seeds and Peaberries occur when only one seed, small and round in shape, develops in the cherry. This lot was mechanically washed and dried on raised beds in a solar dryer for 18 to 24 days.



country costa rica
region turrialba
producer aquiares estate
variety caturra peaberry
process washed
altitude 1200 masl
tasting notes caramel, yellow plum, hazelnut