Sitio Taruma

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Eduardo Daniel da Silva is the youngest of his family, son of Sebastião Daniel da Silva and Hilda Cândida da Silva. The family has a history in agriculture, beginning with working on large farms assisting with rice and banana production in the region. They began growing coffee in the 1990s, and eventually were able to plant their crops across four different growing areas of three hectares each in the community of Sertãozinho. When Eduardo turned 18 he received one of the plots to manage and named it Sitio Tarumã.

The family continued working together through the years, and eventually decided to enterthe specialty coffee market in 2016. Eduardo’s older brother, Cleverson, became a Q Grader, and the two worked together to improve the quality control management and post-harvest processing on the farm. Since implementing these changes they’ve already won a number of quality competitions throughout the region.

The goal of Eduardo and his family is to continue producing high quality crops and to build a legacy of coffee cultivation for future generations of the family. They aim to show other people in the region that small producers can grow incredible coffees and work harmoniously with the land around them. 


country brazil
region minas gerais
producer eduardo daniel da silva
variety yellow catuai
process natural
altitude 1200-1300 masl
tasting notes orange marmelade, dark chocolate, berries