El Obraje Geisha

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country: colombia
region: narino
producer: pablo andres guerrero
variety: geisha
process: natural
altitude: 2200 masl
tasting notes: peach, orange, raspberry and black plum


Limited stock: 100 bags of 150g available from release date
Bag designed by Mikas Emil @mikas_emil

Watch Nic give you the lowdown on how we brew this coffee

We are very excited to be able to present to you this exceptional example of a naturally processed Geisha, produced by Pablo Andres Guerrero on his farm El Obraje located in the Narino department of Colombia. This coffee combines the best of variety, terroir, farm management and processing to deliver a seriously delicious cup of coffee.

The climate and terrain of Obraje are major contributing factors to its coffee’s unique cup profile. Temperatures vary greatly in a day, from 32 degrees Celsius at noon to 8 degrees or less at night. In the rainy season, the humidity is high and it is nearly impossible to dry coffee on raised beds. Initially, planting shade trees would have been disadvantageous given the humidity, as they would have trapped too much moisture and caused diseases, but the coffee has adapted to its conditions and Obraje now has low-density shade trees planted along with coffee trees. The drastic daily change in temperature impacts the density of the coffee beans and also causes trees to be smaller and more compact than trees of the same varieties in other regions of Colombia. Obraje often does not receive adequate rainfall and must irrigate select lots using water from the farm’s retention pond.

Pablo's background in architecture is evident in his well designed and immaculate farm and wet mill. Everything is very well organised, with spotless fermentation tanks and processing equipment. You can really see the pride and care Pablo has for producing coffee in the way his farm is laid out.

The coffee is dried on raised beds under solar parabolic dryers (basically a big green house) to allow maximum control over the drying process, which is essential to preserve the unique qualities of this coffee. These style of dryers take a bit more investment initially, but it definitely pays off in the final cup profile. 

The Geisha variety itself is also well renowned for its unique floral cup profile, while also being extremely well balanced. When processed using the natural process, this variety has the potential to exhibit a lot of berry fruit intensity.

Overall, we think Pablo has done an amazing job producing this coffee. As soon as we tasted this coffee we knew we had to have some to roast for you!