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Harrison Muhuro Mwangi, a former primary school teacher, has spent the last 10 years buying small plots of land to delve into the world of coffee production. Harrison applies the same energy and patience to producing coffee he used for teaching young children. With help from the local mill, Harrison has been consistently increasing the quality of his output and is now getting recognised by roasters for all his hard work.  

Harrison’s small 2ha farm is just outside the town of Nyeri, an area that is well known as a region that consistently delivers great tasting coffees out of Kenya. Ruiru 11 is the main variety cultivated on Harrison’s farm, which is a variety developed to combat Coffee Berry Disease (CBD) in the 80’s. Ruiru 11 is high yielding, resistant to CBD and can achieve good cup quality as well, so an obvious choice for coffee producers in Kenya. This variety is frequently mixed with SL28 and SL34, which are known for their high cup quality, but are quite susceptible to CBD.


country kenya 
region nyeri
producer harrison muhuro mwangi
variety ruiru 11
process washed
altitude 1710
flavour notes gooseberry, peach, caramel