La Claudina - Espresso Roast

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La Claudina

Colombian natural processed coffee from Antioquia.

La Claudina is a farm located in the Antioquia region of Colombia which is the region that these days produces our absolute favorite Colombian coffees due to their sweet, round and fruity qualitites. In the hands of producer, Juan Saldariaga, it just gets even better.

Juan is known to not be afraid of experimenting with his coffee. With La Claudina he takes advantage of his cold drying system, where he controls the temperature of the coffee during drying. By turning down the temperature Juan can extend the drying of La Claudina to get an even more consistent level of drying, which in turns gives us a super clean and tasty natural.

This coffee is packed with tropical fruits like pineapple and papaya. When you combine it with milk it turns into flavours of banana milkshake and milk chocolate.

One of our best cupping coffees in 2019.

250 gram of roasted coffee.