Selva Andina #1 (Organic Certified)

112,00 kr
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Selva Andina is a medium sized cooperative with 618 members located in the Cajamarca and Amazonas Districts of Peru. This specific lot; Selva Andina #1, is an organically produced coffee grown by 14 small farmholders working on properties anywhere from 1-3 hectares at altitudes of 1400-2020masl. The lot consists of mixed varietals; catuai, caturra & pache.

The Selva andina cooperative is engaged in a reforestation program as part of a producer-led holistic solution to the complex sustainability challenges faced by the ongoing effects of climate change in the region. For every kilogram of this coffee we have purchased from our import partners at Nordic Approach, 11 US cents (USC) is contributed to this important project.

In addition to the Organic certification, producers also receive a significant quality premium for the coffee delivered to this lot. Cafe Selva Norte is a coffee quality and training program and the cooperative is committed to reforestation as part of their sustainability initiative. The Cafe Selva Norte website has full transparent details of the project.

This coffee bursts with ripe fruity notes of plum, and is backed by a rich sweetness similar to raisin & molasses. It is a perfect mild breakfast coffee as a filter, but makes an elegant espresso that pairs exceptionally with milk from Søtofte


country peru
region cutervo, jaén
producer selva andina cooperative
variety caturra, catuai, pache
process washed
altitude 1400-2020masl
tasting notes plum, raisin, molasses