La Indonesia

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This Los Hermanos coffee is the product of a partnership between the Torres brothers in the La Union municipality of Nariño, Colombia. Juan Angel and Gabriel each own a farm, La Cafelina and La Indonesia, just outside of La Pradera town. The farms were part of the family inheritance, coming by way of their grandfather Marco Antonio Torres. The family’s history in coffee is long, with Marco Antonio being one of the first people to cultivate coffee in La Union more than 80 years ago. The middle Torres brother, Frank Rivas Torres, is a Q Grader who assists with quality control and advises on trends in the coffee market. These farms grow coffee alongside fruits and many different trees for shade, with an emphasis on preserving soil quality and responsible water management.

Finca La Cafelina is a 5 hectare property operated by Juan Angel. Coffee has been cultivated here for more than 30 years, originally growing mostly Caturra. Today, Juan Angel grows mostly Caturra and Colombia varieties alongside citrus trees like orange, mandarin, lime, and lemon, and the crops enjoy shade from banana, guamo, leucaena, and yarumo trees



country colombia
region nariño
producer juan angel & gabriel torres
variety bourbon
process natural
altitude 1800masl
tasting notes cherry, clementine, grapefruit