Villa Clabalina - Espresso Roast

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Villa Clabalina

Colombian washed processed coffee from Antioquia. 

Villa Clabelina showcases the classic sweet and fruity profile from Antioquia and on thop of the chocolaty and apple like flavours you also get this orange peel note that we think is so classic to this specific terroir. Despite the "heavy" flavour notes this is a coffee that is really smooth on the palate and calls for lots of cosiness.

A little bit behind he project of Villa Clabalina:

Hernan Prieto Soto and Eugenio Prieto Soto are brothers and owners of Villa Clabalina. The farm is in Los Monos in Ciudad Bolivar. They have 105 000 trees over 22 hectares, where they grow Caturra and variedad Colombia. This particular coffee is just of the variety Colombia. They are a part of the Coffee Growers Association, a group of farmers working in producing high standard quality coffee with fair prices and economic social and environmentally sustainable work.

"Coffee is an experience, a feeling." say the brothers. Villa Clabelina originates from the work of a traditional Antioqueña family that for several generations have cultivated the lands of southwest Antioquia. Sustainability is their main objective, and they work to guarantee a product with high quality standards while conserving the environment. 

Juan Saldiarraga (producer of a firm favourite of ours, La Claudina) is also involved in consulting for the brothers, as part of a project to lift the overall quality of specialty coffee producing farmers in Antioquia. 

250 gram of roasted coffee.